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Related post: Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 02:22:36 EDT From: JOSHUASPEEDlbfaol.com Subject: "Richie's Revenge" (Authoritarian) This story is (unfortunately!) TOTAL and COMPLETE fiction. A few weeks ago, toplist x teen I got a call from Billy, a former co-worker of mine, telling me that he had repaired my old lawnmower, and yo kds toplist cp that his son was bringing it over around noon. I knew Billy had only one kid, 18-year old cartoon toplist sex Richie, but, I had never met him before. Didn't matter to me, as long as I was getting xxx toplist passwords my lawnmower back; my lawn toplist comics porn and backyard really looked crappy and needed a mowing in the worst way. swimsuit toplist A couple of teen nude toplist hours later, my bell rang, and, sure enough, there was Richie at the door, teen porn toplist telling me he had my mower in toplist of nude teen the back of his dad's pickup. 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Richie's hand was now making muffled squishing sounds as it made sharp contact with my thoroughly blistered and ravaged ass. I lay exhaused, pink toplist spent and sweaty, across schoolgirl pantyhose toplist Richie's dad incest girl toplist cum-soaked lap. Before I knew what was happening, Richie rougly pushed me off his sperm-splattered lap, and made toplist russia nude me bend over the sofa arm. "Sorry, hot porn toplist Dad," Richie giggled. "But I gotta cool down this hot df toplist porno ass of yours now!" I heard Richie's zipper growl, and, a second later, the hot, good-looking, sweaty teen stud was fisting his throbbing teen tool, aiming it right for my red, flaming, blistered butt. "LOOK OUT DAD, HERE IT COMES.....YEAHHH..YEAH..OH, FUCK...CHRIST...UGHH.....UGHHH....UGHHNNHHHGH....YEAHHHHHH...YESSS!!" Then I forbidden porn sites toplist felt toplist incest 3d my flaming ass bieng splattered with jets of hot teen-stud spunk, the sticky sperm stinging as it made contact with my crimson buns. Then, pre cp toplist I was really blown away by what happened petite girl toplist next. Richie again pulled me to my feet, and he then wrapped his arms around me, and thrust his tongue into my mouth. With the tears of submission and ecstacy still streaming down my cheeks, I responded to Richie's oral invasion, and asian girl toplist I put my arms around him, our hot tongues entwining and dueling in each illegal kid toplist others' hot mouths. Soon, child pron pics toplist my sweaty, spent cock started to twich anew, and my hand slid down Richie's back to feel his own hot ass through his tight jeans. "My dad never told you I was gay?" Richie chuckled. So caught off-guard I was by his unexpected statement, I could not reply. Literally, I was speechless. "You know, Dad," Richie broke the silence, blackcat girl toplist "I didn't give you permission to naked dutch girls toplist grab my ass......looks like I'm gonna have to teach you ANOTHER lesson......." My monster cock was almost fully-erect again at THOSE words!! "Yes, Sir," was all I managed to stammer......The end!
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